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    • Inspect & Repack Solution

      $185.00 INC GST
      We offer an Annual Inspect and Repack Solution, which like the uncorking and recorking of fine bottles of wine, helps extend the lifespan of your garment. This very thorough process involves: Unpacking your dress and inspecting it under strong light for any signs of yellowing, ageing or other discolouration Cleaning your dress using a special […]
    • Preservation Gloves

      $5.95 INC GST
      A must have if you plan to handle your dress. Our pure cotton preservation gloves create a barrier between your hands and your dress, ensuring that the oils on your hands do not seep into your precious dress.
    • Special Euro Cloth

      $40.00 INC GST
      Made of 70% high quality pure European cotton and 30% pure European silk, this cloth provides the best protection and durability. Euro cloths can be used for many years, and are perfect for those who take out their dress from their box at least once a year.
    • White Knight Barrier

      $22.00 INC GST
      The most advanced materials barrier on the market, is a MUST HAVE for anyone wanting the ultimate protection. Uses molecular technology to eradicate harmful toxins and gases that find its way into the preservation box, whilst maintaining moisture content at an optimum. At only $22, NO WEDDING DRESS BOX SHOULD BE WITHOUT THIS.

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